Australian Apprenticeships

Australian Apprenticeships

Australian apprenticeship is often referred to as traineeship or apprenticeship. It allows individuals to earn income while undergoing training and job experience to get national-recognsied qualification.  This is a great and important learning pathway that can be acquired by young individuals. Structured training and practical work is combined to enable you acquire the qualification needed nationally and the experience needed to be hired in a job you wish to have.

There is a flexible training which can be used either for on-the-job, off-the-job or combination of the two. Australian Apprenticeship usually gives training to meet qualification levels of different occupation such as training for traditional trades or in a wide variety of industrial sectors. This is competency-based or RPL (Recognised of Prior Knowledge) which means you can complete your apprenticeship by the time you reach the skill level required. You will do it according to your own pace so it will be possible to finish it early. If your performance is good, you can qualify to get an advance training after you completed your apprenticeship.

This apprenticeship can be part time, full time or school based. You don’t need to finish your study first and leave school to engage in Australian Apprenticeship. There are numerous schools as well as colleges which offer Australian School-Based Apprenticeship. So even if you are still studying in a secondary school, you can already start apprenticeship.

How to find Australian apprenticeship?

Before searching for an Australian apprenticeship, decide first on what type of apprenticeship you want to engage with. What is the vocation you intend to have? If you can’t make a decision yet, consulting a career counsellor, a friend, or relatives can help you. Know what type of training you need to enter your preferred industry, where you can find the job today and in the future, basic information or facts about different industries, and many more.

Electrical Apprenticeships, Carpentry and plumbing are among some of the most popular apprenticeships on offer within Australia but there are literally thousands of available apprenticeships to choose from.

Next thing to do is to prepare your resume. It should include all the important information such as your contact number, your achievements, the school you study, work experience, skills, interest and career goals.

Afterwards, you now can talk to employer who can take you as their apprentice.

  • Inquire in a Group training organisation or GTO, They advertise apprenticeship, employ, and helps apprentices to complete the training. They also manage apprenticeship which includes WH&S, HR, Payroll and support.
  • Through Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC)
  • Inquiring directly on a hiring business. Monitor the job vacancy on that business.
  • Through searching online job portal like SEEK. Monitoring of positions available is a helpful act, afterwards contact AAC, GTO, or a hiring business to make application.

After an employer agrees to make you as their apprentice, they will then contact an AAC. There are numerous AAC in the state. The service offered is usually free of charge. They will help in making a training contact between you and the employer, complete and training contract and lodge it with TAS within the government of Australia, provide you with information you need in case you encounter problems, and will make sure that you get the funding from the government.